what they said

  • ira + kimberly
Brooke, I truly cannot imagine our wedding without you. You are fantastic to work with, a pleasure to be around, and so incredibly talented! The photographs from our wedding are above and beyond exquisite, and precisely mirror how I myself remember the day. While being awesome and laid back, you are incredibly conscientious and invested in your work and it really, really shows!! Our wedding photographs not only capture our “day,” but more importantly they capture and reflect “us” --our lives, relationships, family, friends, etc.-- so organically, effortlessly, and beautifully. I can’t thank you enough for being a part of our wedding, and for providing us with the memories for which we will always treasure. It has been a sincere privilege!
  • gil + attica
Hi Brooke, Wanted to let you know that we received the disc -- I'm still stunned by how beautiful the photos are. I cannot thank you enough for capturing and creating such magical pictures. I just posted about 70 to Facebook and have received the most overwhelming response to the photos. You're work is truly beautiful (not just our wedding -- but everything that I have seen before, during and since). Please continue to nurture the talent. Many thanks, Attica
  • anthony + candace
"Brooke, you are one of a kind. perfection is a difficult thing to talk about, but you know, a good snapshot stops a moment from running away and the camera can photograph thought. You harness something above and beyond in your work. that essential element. It means so much to Candace and I that you photographed our special day, these are our moments frozen in time and I will use them the rest of my life to show people how wonderful you are. You don't take a photograph, you make it. We love you.
  • randy + renee
Brookelyn is an amazing photographer who has a special way of putting you at ease with her laid back style. Her creative eye is sure to give you a one of a kind shoot to specially fit you as a couple. we are so pleased to have had her shoot us
  • kyle + laura
hi brooke...this is bill, the father of the bride, of this past sunday's wedding. i just wanted to thank you so much for your photography, your work, your artistry. with just the few samples that i have seen on your website, it is immediately evident that you have not only captured the actual event, but more importantly you have somehow captured the essence, the beauty, the emotion, the soul and the love of the relationships. just outstanding, it moves me. so thank you brooke, thank you so much. -bill